Oh, hai! Piper the spokes-dog here

with all the stuff you need to know about us!

My Dad (Brian) is the chef, he’s been a journeyman cook since 1999. My Mom (Jenni) helps in the truck and does the office work. Dad’s parents are from England so Dad loves British food. Mom and Dad grew up on Vancouver Island, so they love cooking and eating fresh fish. They know their fish and chips, and they know how to cook with love.

I told Dad he should open a Chippy (that’s a fish and chip shop), and he decided to buy a food truck to bring the Chippy to your community. I am a Yorkshire Terrier, so we call the business The Yorkshire Chippy, and put my adorable face on the side of the truck. I also get to taste-test the recipes at home!

Imagine you’re at work and it’s lunchtime. You didn’t have time to pack a lunch today, and you’ve got an important meeting this afternoon. Order my Dad’s delicious poutine online, pick it up and you’ve got a great power lunch. You’ll rock that meeting and be the superstar of the office.

Or, when it’s nearly dinner time, you can pick up hand-battered fresh fish, crispy fries and crunchy coleslaw – all cooked with love and care. You take the meal home to your family, and you’re a hero! You provided a meal so good they’ll put down their cellphones and talk to each other.

Be the champion. Eat at The Yorkshire Chippy.